DIY Shower Installation in Washington DC

A lot of homeowners consider showers as an alternative to full bathtubs. While others can actually do it with ease, it takes carpentry and plumbing skills to properly install a shower stall. It is best to get the services of a reliable Washington DC plumber to avoid any additional expenses and hurdles along the way.

shower installation washington dc

However, if you feel that you really are determined to conduct shower installation in Washington DC, follow these simple steps as your guide.

  • Plan and organize. It is important to determine the ideal location where you’re going to install your new shower. The place should be able to cover the water pipes and drainage pipes as well as your new shower stall.
  • Choose your stall. There are a lot of types of stalls to choose from. Search the internet and decide which type will suit your place.
  • Purchase the materials you need such as plumbing pipes and fittings, shower kits, waterproof sealant and tools. All of these come with instructions, especially the shower kit to guide you through the process.
  • Clear and prepare the place intended for your shower stall. It is recommended to remove the installed bathroom tiles and install the stall base of the floor itself. Check manufacturer’s accompanying guide for the step by step process of installation.
  • It is now time to connect the drainage lines. Secure the drain pipes with the kit. Seal the plumber’s putty and tighten into place to avoid leakage.
  • Once you’re done, cover any exposed frames with water-resistant dry wall. Seal all exposed seams to water with silicone-based caulk.

While these steps may sound easy to follow, they are still easier read than done. It is still recommended to get the services of professional plumbers like the experts of Plumbers 911 in Washington DC. Having a professional do it will save you time and money in the long run.

Non Destructive Leak Detection in Cambridge

There are a lot of reasons why water leakages happen. It also happens at the most unexpected time that is why it is vital to properly locate the leak without destructing areas of your house. Before, leak detection in Cambridge were only done by fly-by-night plumbers, which then turned out to be more expensive in the long run.

Non-Destructive Leak Detection in Cambridge is Already Available!

Leak Detection Cambridge

It could be that there’s a hole on your wall or roof, a leakage somewhere or a broken pipe on the bathroom upstairs. Whatever the reasons are, you need to detect the leak first.

Nowadays leak detection in Cambridge is already easy. Nope, we still do not recommend manual detection as it is found to be more expensive and damaging to the property. All those drillings and digging could result in major oddities and massive loss. We are talking about professional plumbers who can properly do the job for you!  The right plumbing company could help you find those pesky leaks using the Infrared Thermography method.

A Male Cleaner’s Confession

Marsha and I have gone a long way since I we got married in 1998. We’ve started and failed in so many businesses until we came to a realization that we both wanted to run a business related to overall household management.

Laundry, errands, cleaning, cooking…everything that both gives us satisfaction plus the bonus of staying and working from home. This whole WAHD thing certainly beats waking up too early and battling the travel from home to work and back.

Housework is such a pleasure especially if it that is something you’re fond of doing. But it isn’t all flowers and butterflies, most of the time it’s pure hard work. This is why plumber Miami experts use methods to make their jobs easier and trusted products to make their load lighter.

Life hacks and recommendations are our friends!

Here are our 2 of our personal favorites:



Kosher Salts are best for cleaning copper/cast iron pots and pans, cutting boards, sinks, dishes, bottles and more. Remember to pair it with lemon slices as you clean.



Baking soda is not just a great ingredient in baking but also in cleaning household fixtures and furniture such as couches and beds, oven and also carpets and grouts. Coffee stains? No problem! Silverware? Baking soda has it covered!



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