Looking For Plumbers in Fort Lauderdale? Here Are A Few Reminders

plumbin-emergencies-in-fort-lauderdaleSome of my neighbors and friends know me as someone who knows plumbing really well. Most of them would often call me or pay me a visit in my Florida home just to ask for advice or ask me to fix their problem. I have gladly given them a piece of my mind, but never my service, for free or otherwise. I believe that it’s always better to err on the side of caution than pretend to be a professional and cause a disaster later on.

For minor issues, some tips that I have given those who ask is to know how a plumbing system works and learn some basic troubleshooting skills. Skills such as properly using a drain auger, replacing a leaky pipe and installing fixtures will come in handy more often that one can imagine.

For any plumbing emergencies and for those who never want to tackle messy problems like clogged drains or toilet, my only advice is to hire Fort Lauderdale certified plumbers. That’s the only way to avoid costly damages and to make sure that all issues big or small – are well taken care of.  Yes, I have been doing some plumbing in Fort Lauderdale, but only in my own home, because I understand the importance of hiring someone who is qualified and licensed to do repairs, than someone like me who may be great, but not insured.

I always recommend Orr Plumbing to my friends and relatives who need dependable plumbers in Fort Lauderdale. They offer sewer inspection and all types of repairs, installation and maintenance. To schedule a service, give them a call at (305) 887-1687.

Here is a good video to watch if you want to know why you should hire them: