A Male Cleaner’s Confession

Marsha and I have gone a long way since I we got married in 1998. We’ve started and failed in so many businesses until we came to a realization that we both wanted to run a business related to overall household management.

Laundry, errands, cleaning, cooking…everything that both gives us satisfaction plus the bonus of staying and working from home. This whole WAHD thing certainly beats waking up too early and battling the travel from home to work and back.

Housework is such a pleasure especially if it that is something you’re fond of doing. But it isn’t all flowers and butterflies, most of the time it’s pure hard work. This is why¬†plumber Miami¬†experts use methods to make their jobs easier and trusted products to make their load lighter.

Life hacks and recommendations are our friends!

Here are our 2 of our personal favorites:



Kosher Salts are best for cleaning copper/cast iron pots and pans, cutting boards, sinks, dishes, bottles and more. Remember to pair it with lemon slices as you clean.



Baking soda is not just a great ingredient in baking but also in cleaning household fixtures and furniture such as couches and beds, oven and also carpets and grouts. Coffee stains? No problem! Silverware? Baking soda has it covered!



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